Short Films

Red Lights 2013

Writer/Director: Doris Yeung

Synopsis: A young Dutch boy goes on a boy’s night out with his friends in Amsterdam for a night of sex, drugs and rock and roll. But an unexpected encounter with a sex worker shows him something he could have never imagined..

Starring: Wanting Li, Robert Orvalho, Sebas Berman.
Length: 13min
Country: Netherlands

Winner CinemAsia Audience Award Best Short.


Wounds 2008

Writer/Director: Doris Yeung

Synopsis: A man and his lover are the end of the relationship. An unexpected arrival adds fuel to the fire. 

Country: Netherlands
Length: 6 min
Starring: Derek de Lint, Mick de Lint, Darren Boyd

Milagros 2001

301237_178865028904891_210140436_nWriter/Director: Doris Yeung

Synopsis: A young woman works in a parking lot in Los Angeles when she is attacked and her favorite jacket stolen. She gives chase only to find out someone has beat her to it.

Country: USA
Length: 20 min

Dance 2000

dance-1Writer/Director: Doris Yeung

Synopsis: A young Chinese dancer who is bullied in school finds a new friend and learns to communicate through dance.
Country: China
Length: 10 min

Winner Best Short Worldfest Houston