Avalon Films was started in 2000 and is the production company of Chinese American filmmaker Doris Yeung.
Doris Yeung 楊文穎 was raised in Hong Kong and California. She has written and directed films in China, Europe and the US and has studied at the University of California, Los Angeles, American Film Institute and Beijing Film Academy with degrees in Art History and Directing. She directed her first feature film, MOTHERLAND (2009) starring reknowned Chinese and Canadian actors, Francoise Yip  and Kenneth Tsang 曾江. It was named one of the 10 best Asian American Films of 2009 by Asian Pacific Arts Magazine and a “filmmaker to watch” by the Hollywood Reporter. She is also a working film programmer, programming films for various international film festivals and has been on many film juries including the Teddy Jury at Berlinale Film Festival. She resides and works in Amsterdam since 2002 and founded the CinemAsia Film Festival, Netherlands.